+3.000 active products and counting

Nothing is 100% set in stone when dealing with cardboard boxes.  Corbel has over 3.000 active products, but nothing makes us happier than knowing your needs and providing you with tailor-made solutions in order to assure you that your product will always arrive well to its final destination.

RSC carton

  • The Regular Slotted Container is the most cost-effective and common carton in the market, and it is free of any problems during the printing process
  • It has 2 long sides, 2 short sides y 1 height
  • It may come glued or stapled
  • It is a highly efficient design suitable for many applications
  • There is little waste during manufacturing

Die-cut carton

  • It may be irregularly shaped in many cases
  • Its design caters to the specific needs of the product, thus, it is hard to classify them into other subcategories. However, there are some standardized carton models such as boxes for pizza, files, documents, tray-type, telescopic-type, etc.
  • Due to their proven effectiveness these cartons have become a standard in the cardboard business
  • This type of carton is not manufactured under a normal production process since it requires the use of a die
  • The carton is automatically assembled without requiring any glue, tape or staples

Dividers and sheets

  • These cartons have inner dividers that separate the products inside the box to prevent  them from deteriorating
  • One of the most common applications is in bottle cartons, where contact between the bottles is prevented in order not to wear down the labels

Other types of cartons and services we offer

  • Resin application
  • Partial or full waxing
  • Specialized gluing
  • B,C and E fluting – Single Wall
  • BC, BE and BE fluting – Double Wall
  • Four-color process
  • Displays
  • Customized cartons for low volumes
  • Flexographic printing on corrugated board sheets (different type and color paper)
  • Pre-printing: offset printing on paper rolls to provide premium finish for any type of cartons
  • Digital: we can process different types of ink directly applying it to a cardboard sheet for any required volume
  • Pre-corrugated: Single web for different uses
  • Dividers: Wide variety of dividers, both in corrugated board and chip paper sheets

0200 Half Slotted Container (HSC)

0201 Regular Slotted Container (RSC)

0202 Overlap Slotted Container (OSC)

0203 Full Overlap Slotted Container (FOL)

2015 Snap or 1-2-3 Bottom Container

0301 Full Telescope Design Style
Container (HSC)

0306 Design Style Container with Cover (DSC)

0460 DisplayTray or High Wall Tray

Corrugate Common Footprint
Containers (CCF)

We love challenges.
You produce it, we package it!

In addition to all our pre-determined carton styles, we produce custom made cartons according to your product requirements