The heart of Corbel: our production plant

Supply and value chain

Our boxes are made from virgin paper from controlled forests, always keeping in mind the need to take good care of nature and maintaining the highest quality standards.

We use our own exclusive ships in order to guarantee proper handling and control of raw materials, so that paper will not be exposed to crossed contamination. This gives us a competitive edge against our competitors.

The paper is received in customs by our bonded warehouse and customs agency

Corbel has its own fleet of trucks, available 24/7 for transporting paper to our plant. In this way, we control 100% of the timely delivery of the paper, making sure there is no crossed contamination.

We receive the paper at the plant and turn it into corrugated cardboard.

Our experts carry out structural analyses and apply formulas in order to know for sure the exact maximum load a carton can withstand and the best way to design such carton according to the needs of the product.

Corrugated cardboard is transformed into customized cartons according to the needs and products of our clients.

Eco-friendly process

Cardboard waste generated during the production process is sent to a compactor grinder and shaped into bales that are sent to paper recycling companies. Waste water is collected in a treatment plan where pollutant substances are eliminated before water is disposed of.

In our quality control lab, all cartons are tested for:

  • Printing
  • Composition
  • Resistance

In order to make sure that the quality of the final product is the highest.

We offer warehouse services for handling inventory and stock.

We have an entire internal transport system that includes rails and forklifts for properly handling the finished cartons and transporting them to the warehouses.

Our own truck fleet carries the final product to the warehouse of each client, or to the exporting port or airport, in case of our foreign clients.

The product, the weather or the distance is not important. We have the
perfect carton that will always arrive to its destination in perfect condition