Making cardboard is an art and CORBEL has spent + 40 years perfecting it!

We are pioneers in making corrugated cardboard boxes for all type of products and situations. 
We are passionate about designing boxes that become the perfect complement for your product.



In the local and international market



All kinds of goods



Local and regional.



Our cartons travel worldwide.


Square meters

Our world-class plant has a 98-inch state-of-the-art corrugating machine.

We are suppliers for the medical, pharmaceutical, fast-food, agricultural and industrial industry and many more

The product, the weather or the distance is not important. We have the
perfect carton that will always arrive to its destination in perfect condition

All these models can include special finishes, such as pre-printing, four-color process, resins and several other special finishes.

RSC cartons

Die-cut cartons

All type of custom-made cartons according to your needs

Dividers and sheets

We exist for one reason only: servicing our clients

We are members of Global Packaging Group, leaders in the corrugated cardboard industry, and we design and produce all type of boxes so that our clients may increase the value of their products and improve their image.

  • Certified by ISO 9001:2008
  • Three exclusive ships for importing the paper used in production.  
  • Eco-friendly practices and recycling
  • Our own fleet, which is exclusively for transporting paper-cardboard, which guarantees the safety of our packaging.
  • Mathematical analyses and formulas are used for calculating the maximum load of a carton.

The heart of our production

It all begins with a paper spool that is transformed into a packaging solution.  We control the entire process, from the purchase of our raw materials on, in order to guarantee the supply and safety of our final product.  

Ours is a plant with word-class technology. Once we receive the raw materials we start producing the most resistant and efficient cardboard boxes in the market with the highest quality standards. But the process is much more than that… Every production stage is synonymous with quality, of the passion for creating cardboard boxes that will help you provide your product with a unique image.


All sizes


Sectors we cover


Food and beverages


Medical industry

Free zone